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IMS FX . was established in London, the United Kingdom in 2013. We are a global online broker mainly specializing in foreign exchange, contract for difference (CFDs), precious metals and crude oil trade.

IMS FX uses a stable MT4 trading platform, and we have a strong team of experienced financial professionals and FX experts. We observe high standards on trade execution and utilize advanced order trading tools. We are dedicated towards building the best market trading environment and best online trading experience for investors, and aim to become the world’s leading FX broker.

IMS FX also has White Label, Asset Manager and Affiliate Programs, to provide customized FX solutions for banks, financial institutions, brokers and private investors.

Our Advantages

Global Investment Expert

IMS FX is committed to opening up global investment opportunities for customers. Our customers include the world’s largest investment bank, heavyweight hedge funds, institutional investment customers and individual investment customers, and we can fully satisfy the unique needs of our customers for global investment products. With a clear and broad global investment vision, our quality and excellent services are highly recognized and appreciated by our customers.

Excellent Reputation

To protect the interests of investors, IMS FX has passed the rigorous examination and continuous monitoring of financial regulators, by ensuring its management and operations, minimum capital requirement, liquidity, and other financial resources comply with regulatory standards. In addition to strictly complying with all regulations, we also effectively implement applicable rules issued by the Financial Services Authority. The quality of our service has garnered high reputation from the financial community, our customers and regulators. The rigorous qualification certifications that we have undergone, and the positive feedback from all of our customers motivates IMS FX to be even better and soar to greater heights.

Optimum Trading Cost

IMS FX does not charge trading commission, instead we provide highly competitive buy/sell spread to all our customers, which can be as low as 0.8, ensuring our customers benefit from the lowest trading cost, irrespective of the size of their open position. We also provide 1:500 leveraged FX margin trading services, ensuring our customers enjoy lower margin ratio and have higher financial flexibility. The trading amount is as low as 100,000 units of the base currency and minimum funds required to open an account is only US$200, so that customers can benefit from low trading costs and high capital flexibility.

Fund Safety

IMS FX provides leading "positive balance guarantee" to ensure the position closes at "0" level. All customer funds are deposited in a trust account opened in an independent bank, and are fully separated from funds owned by IMS FX . Without customers’ authorization, IMS FX will not use any funds in the account. In addition, IMS FX is strictly supervised by regulators from all applicable countries, the accounts are audited regularly and filed with relevant authorities. With a safe and reliable comprehensive online receipt and payment system, customers can log in to our website and inquire transaction history anytime and anywhere.

Cohesive Power

IMS FX has a professional and powerful management team. Most of the team members have more than 20 years of market experience, possess highest standards and are from various professional fields. The team includes global economic analysts, top derivative traders, senior bankers, trading system experts and professional institutional investment consultants, possessing an international outlook. With rich experience, technical superiority, strong advantages and an excellent reputation, this team has led the financial community and has achieved tremendous success.

Professional Guidance

With expert interviews, daily reviews and real-time news, the IMS FX website offers an endless stream of diverse professional knowledge and information, enabling customers to develop investment skills and gain real-time market trends. Easy to understand trading platform video tutorials and detailed user guides further help our customers to successfully make investments.

Real-time FX and CFD Trading

The IMS FX trading platform offers many trading products including major direct and cross currency pairs, and XAU and XAG CFDs, providing you easy access to the financial market and greater profit opportunities.

"Positive Balance" Guarantee

With the brand new "positive balance" trading system, even in the face of a volatile market, customers can still maintain an absolute positive balance to limit fund risk.

Convenient One-click Trading

With the new "One-click Trading" function, you only need to click on the Quote button to buy and sell currency pairs, and have the trades executed at the prevailing market price in real-time. IMS FX promptly confirms all relevant transactions.

Comprehensive Charts

Quote data from IMS FX trading platform are directly integrated into comprehensive charts, and there are over 40 personalized technical indicators to closely follow each market movement.

Regulation and License

Ensuring safety of customers’ funds is the most important factor for an enterprise in the world of finance

Customers’ funds are deposited in an independent account, which is completely separated from the operating funds of IMS FX . Even if IMS FX goes bankrupt, the customers’ funds will be legally refunded. IMS FX 's professional margin calculation and trading program restricts customers’ losses from exceeding the funds they have deposited. With liquidity support provided by globally large banks, our customers can rest assured when they trade. We have maintained strong customer relationship and have zero customer complaints. Customers of IMS FX are all over the world, and the huge trading volume ensures stable operation of the company and safety of customer trades.

Top international financial partners and perfect internal risk management measures

How good is the financial status and credit rating of financial institutions where customer funds are deposited, and whether or not they possess strong internal control and account management measures, have a direct effect on safety of customer funds. IMS FX serves customers from over 100 countries, with a monthly trading volume of tens of millions of US dollars. Funds provided by all customers are stored in extremely safe financial institutions with top credit rating, providing an effective guarantee over the safety of customer funds. A dedicated customer-fund account that is maintained, is completely separated from IMS FX 's funds, and only used for trading purpose. No other person or institution can withdraw any funds from your trading account.

Mission and Philosophy

MS FX considers operating with integrity and providing high-quality service as its mission, and this mission is our priority when it comes to business and company development. Jointly established by Chinese private capital and oversea Chinese, IMS FX cares a lot about, and puts in more efforts on Renminbi internationalization, and also cultivates more talents and is a foundation for China's foreign exchange business.

By considering customer benefits as our own benefit, IMS FX maintains high-quality services and products, and has diverse investment products, providing flexible investment assistance for investors, along with open, transparent and competitive trading services. Since IMS FX ’s establishment, we have always been a highly conscientious company. This is why we never work with unscrupulous companies, always exercise prudence, and take up every opportunity to give back to society.

We believe that with honesty and quality services, we will become a top international FX trader!

Our Awards

IMS FX has repeatedly won the recognition of many international awarding organizations for its excellent products and services and continuous investment .

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