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Opening an Account

As soon as you complete the simple three-step registration, and submit your ID and address certificate, we will open an account for you.

You can submit your passport, ID card or other certificate issued by an independent and reliable institution, and your ID certificates must have your photo. Your photo, signature, issue date and valid period, as well as other personal information including serial number must be clear.

You can submit the utility bills for the past six months, the latest local tax certificate or bank statement or credit card statement.

We perform a suitability test to evaluate whether Forex and CFDs are suitable for you. We must perform this test on all customers as it is required by financial regulators.

You need to login to the customer portal and submit "Modify leverage" request.During normal business hours, your leverage will be modified within one hour.You cannot have any unsettled position in your account, when you request us to modify your account leverage.

Customer Deposit

You can make deposits into your account through any of the following ways:

  • Bank remittance
  • Credit card/Debit card

You can login to the client, and make a deposit into your trading account in any way you prefer.You can directly use a credit card/debit card in the customer portal, or make bank remittance based on the bank information specified in the customer portal.

We only accept remittance in US dollars.

If the currency you deposit is not the base currency for your account, we will convert the deposits into the base currency of your trading account at the exchange rate, at a certain time.

After receiving our funds, we will deposit them into your trading account within the following time period:

Bank remittance: The time is affected by time arrangements from your bank and correspondent bank. We promise to have funds deposited into your trading account within one hour after our customer account bank receives the funds.

Credit card/Debit card: During normal business hours, it is generally completed within one hour. Note: Our normal business hours are 09:00 to 18:00.

In the event you use a credit card, debit card or e-wallet to deposit funds outside of our business hours, it is possible that your funds are not be included into your account until the next working day.

Bank remittance: Generally, we will process your application within one working day, but it takes 3 to 5 days for your bank account to receive the money.

Credit card/Debit card: Generally, we will process your application within one working day, but it takes 5 to 7 days for your bank account to receive the money.

Yes, you can.

But it should be noted that when making payment, your available margin must be higher than the amount required in your withdrawal order (including all applicable fees).

Available margin is net assets value minus required margin (the margin required to maintain unsettled positions).

If your margin is insufficient, your withdrawal request will be automatically canceled. In this case, you need to submit a new withdrawal request.

Please note we do not collect any additional commission for deposits or withdrawals.
However, the customer's bank or payment company will collect fees.
The amount transferred into your account is consistent with the amount we actually receive.
In the case of credit card/debit card, we will make the deposit according to the amount specified in your order (excluding credit card/debit card processing company fees).
We undertake to negotiate with your banks and payment companies for the most preferential fees.

The minimum amount is US$200 or other currencies with the same value.

No! In accordance with anti-money laundering laws, we do not accept any deposits made by any third party.


Trades can be made 24 hours a day from 00:05 on Monday to 23:55 on Friday (server time). Server time is GMT+2 (GMT+3 during summer).

Default bid price is displayed on the chart. For a buy order, a trade starts at the ask price and closes at bid price. By adding the spread to bid price, you can get the ask price. The price difference is caused by the spread.

Your order may be forcibly closed if the account margin ratio (margin/used margin) is lower than 40%. In this case, IMS FX performs forced liquidation first, on the order which generates the largest loss.

Our platform supports these functions. However, it should be noted that although our client has additional functions such as Trailing Stops and Expert Advisors, you are fully responsible for executing trades, as your trades are directly dependent on your trading client.

You should note that a long position profitable order should be set above the prevailing market price. If you set a take-profit order when you have lost money after opening a position, the take-profit order will act as a stop-loss order, and your positions will be closed within loss range (i.e., take-profit setting is lower than price for opening positions and higher than prevailing market value).

If available margin (net assets value-used margin) is insufficient to open a certain order, your pending order will be deleted from the system.

Balance displays the profit and loss from your settled positions, while net assets value is the real-time calculation of your profit and loss by considering both your unsettled and settled positions.

Clicking on "Cancel" for an instant order you have placed does not necessarily cancel your order as our trading server may have accepted that order. You should take note if our platform issues a warning "Closing this window does not ensure order cancellation", because your order has been sent to our server.

Please note, the ask price is used for sell-to-close. The bid price shown on the chart is lower than the ask price. You need to check the pips on the chart to get ask price.

Please note, the price for opening a position of stop-loss order is based on ask price. Price shown on the chart is bid price, which is lower than ask price. You need to check the pips on the chart to get the ask price.