Funds Safety

Deposit and Withdrawal

IMS FX has developed an easy-to-use and unique web client, which ensures customers can easily and safely handle their deposits. The authorization and payment of funds is 100% automated. The easy-to-use IMS FX customer portal can help you manage your deposits, withdrawals and transfers.


Deposit time:Processed within 1 working day

Withdrawal time:Processed within 1 working day and refunded to customer account within 2-3 working days.

Credit Card

Deposit time:Processed within 1 working day

Withdrawal time: Processed within 1 working day, and refunded to customer account within 4-7 working days, depending on your credit issuer or intermediary bank’s process.


Deposit time: Processed within 1 working day

Withdrawal time: Processed within 1 working day, and credited to customer account within 3-5 working days.

Segregated Deposits

MS FX maintains separate customer accounts to ensure segregation between customer funds and our own funds. A specific code is required to use funds in a customer account. All customer funds deposited in IMS FX are fully segregated in accordance with our strict system and procedures, and are supervised and audited by our external and internal auditors. In this way, customers can rest assured that their funds will be safe and not used inappropriately.

Positive Balance Guarantee

When an investor trades on regular platforms available in the market, and in case the trading loss exceeds the funds deposited in the investor's account, the account will end up having a negative balance. In this case, the investor may be required to deposit additional funds, and the overall loss may be higher than the original deposit.

To ensure our customers can trade without worry, we provide a "positive balance guarantee" to each of our customers for free. Specifically, regardless of the situation, a customer account will never have negative balance, and the customer does not need to cover any additional loss. This ensures that the maximum potential loss is limited to the original deposit, thereby providing absolute control over trading risk.

What benefits does "positive balance guarantee" provide?

Unlimited investment profit, limited trading risk
Controlled loss, enhanced risk management capability
No additional loss, increased trading confidence

Banking Partners

IMS FX provides services from world-class credit institutions for customers when required. It has successfully established partnerships with many high-end banks including UBS and HSBC to ensure safety, reliability and lower default risk.