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Trading Hero

Are you a trading expert? Are you a trading hero? Do you want to become a legend in FX trading? IMS FX "Hero Hunting Season" starts now. IMS FX will provide funds for real trading to experts and heroes, and they don’t need invest their own funds. After meeting specific requirements, you can make profits as well as sign a contract with IMS FX .

Hero Hunting Season is aimed to discover hidden experts, cultivate and enhance trading level and FX popularity, by providing funds to such experts.

Each participant must have been engaged in FX margin trading for at least 5 years, be good at fund risk management and have maintained high profitability.

  1. Each applicant must submit copies of the front and back of their ID card, address certificate, contact information, and a photo of the applicant holding their ID card.
  2. After preparing all required materials, each applicant must contact our online customer service staff and complete the application form.
  3. Each approved participant will receive a standard account opened in IMS FX with US$1,000.
  1. Trading funds are provided by IMS FX free of charge. If a participant loses any money, IMS FX will assume all responsibilities without any claim against the participant.
  2. When a participant makes profits equal to or higher than US$1000, the initial funds provided by IMS FX will be deducted.
  3. After the initial US$1,000 is deducted from the trading account, the participant must maintain a net value of US$1,000 in the account and may withdraw any amount in excess of that.
  4. In case of each profit withdrawal made by a participant, IMS FX will deduct 10% of the withdrawn amount as returns.
  5. IMS FX aims to get excellent participants and increase their available trading funds.
  6. Taking into account risk considerations, IMS FX has the right to monitor trades made by participants and disable their accounts at any time.
  7. All participants must be responsible for funds provided by IMS FX , and must not misuse funds.

All rights of interpretation of this activity belong to IMS FX .