White Label Program

IMS FX White Label Program solution is developed by our internal team for financial institutions that wish to expand or enhance their online retail trade.

If you already have a basic customer base, IMS FX White Label is perfectly suitable for you, helping you get and retain more customers. Also, by joining the White Label Program, you can use our one-stop White Label solution to effectively improve your overall profitability and control.

The professional White Label team from IMS FX will assist you in implementing the solution, by creating a white label solution tailored to your specific accounting requirements on trades, risks and returns. Your private White Label account manager will guide you through the implementation, until you achieve your expected growth, including implementing business and marketing strategies, sales training, and sales/customer support.

It is the time to join IMS FX White Label Program to maximize your customer's benefits and further maximize your own profits.

By joining IMS FX White Label Program, you will get:
  • The best commission rebate and agency commission in the market.
  • A high-end customized agent commission interface.
  • The right to transfer funds between agent account and customer account

For more information, please contact our professional team